What is a Chosen of Lucifer?
I am a Chosen of Lucifer. I know how arrogant this might sound but let me explain. This isn’t like saying I’m “the chosen one.” Or anticipated messianic figure foretold by the prophets of old.  

A Chosen of Lucifer is an individual who embodies many or all the characteristics found within the Luciferian archetype of the cosmic rebel.  

The things that I value most, the things that inspire me, the things that motivate me most include, but are not limited to: 

  • A distrust of all authority, and authoritarian systems.  
  • A Desire for liberation, ascension and synthesis and integration with my shadow.  
  • A strong sense of self-worth, a kind of benevolent pride, benevolent selfishness, benevolent arrogance. I know I am worthy; I know I am powerful, and I know I am wise.  
  • A strong sense of self honesty and introspection, I know my limits, I know my weaknesses, and I am not ashamed of them and do not run from them, even though I may refrain from displaying them.  
  • A strong desire to be a guide, a beacon, a shining light that heralds change and the coming dawn or the glory of the coming night.  
  • A strong understanding that I am not a victim of circumstance, my ego is a mask, a way to know myself and fundamentally, I am what we all are. I am the God AND Devil of my perspective of reality, and I am the source of all. I am the ONE, I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Source and the Sophia, I am the void that gives rise to mind, body and spirit.  
I know some of you will read that and think I am full of myself, that I am an arrogant bastard…  

But know this, I think you are the same thing as me. You too are god, you too are the devil, you too are the alpha, and the omega, you too are the source and Sophia, you too are the void giving rise to mind, body and spirit. I am not better, nor worse than you, I am you, and you are me.
It is only the mask that separates us, and so long as we live in this mortal realm, our mask will always be the only way we can relate. I cannot know your thoughts from inside your mask’s perspective for the same reason your thumb cannot know what the forefinger feels when they are brought together and touch.
Though they are both touching one another.  

Though they are both the same hand.  

Though that hand is also You, the hand cannot know what you feel when you make a fist.
Though we are all the same consciousness, the same big bang banging, we cannot all know what everyone else feels, but we are still that same consciousness, and that same big bang banging.

And that big bang knows what we feel, and it is us and we are it.
In this same way, consciousness itself has a flow, and a direction of experience. From smaller to larger, creating emergent phenomenon of individuated identities. And each of these in turn is part of a larger network creating a larger emergent identity, and on and on it goes. From the bottom to the top, from the big to the small, from the simple to the complex… All is consciousness, all is mind… all are one, one is all.  

There is no separation, only distance.
There is no difference only direction.  

There is no duality, but there is polarity…
Polarity is not a duality; it is a dialectic flow from one to the other. And the illusion of polarity is just the direction of that flow.  

As a mobius strip has only one continuous side, yet can have two sides that appear opposite from one another…  You are there, and I am here, but there and here are the same thing, just from different perspectives and directions and distances.  

And so, you see… My arrogance, my pride, my SIN against god, is that I know what I am, and I know what you are, and I know neither of us need god. Neither of us need a devil.  
We don’t need anyone to give us salvation.  

We don’t need absolution.
We don’t need petty humility or humiliation to make us kneel to a higher power.
We only need to be proud enough to accept ourselves the way we are.  

We only need to be honest enough to admit we are not our masks.  

We only need to embrace the truth when it confronts us.
For true freedom doesn’t come in service to higher power.  

True freedom comes from the hopelessness of damnation. 

Lucifer was not defeated when he was cast from heaven, he was liberated, and set free.
He regrets nothing, not because he is a demented monster who refuses to learn from his mistakes. But because, if Christian dogma is to be believed, he is doomed, and in his doom, he can do nothing more to damn himself.  

But we all know that this dogma is false, it is the dogma of the authoritarian oligarchy, and even Lucifer is just a made up character, created by fearful ignorant people of antiquity, based on a mistake in interpretation of a translation in the year 300.  
But this character, this fallen angel…  

This egregoric mask…
All that is a mask for a real being, a fundamental spiritual force of reality.  
A force of cosmic rebellion… of illumination, of self-liberation, of enlightenment in its truest sense…  

This is what it means to be a chosen of Lucifer, to be free, regardless of the dogma, or your attainment of understanding of the mysteries. Being a chosen of Lucifer is not about what you believe in, but in how you relate to what you experience… you see yourself not as a victim of causality, but as causality itself. 

You may not appreciate or enjoy or identify with the various forms of monism as I do.  

You may not accept the rational arguments for Panpsychism.  

You might scoff at neo Platonism, or Hermetics, or Gnosticism. 

You might be a dyed in the wool Skeptic who believes all this is just a delusion, and that reality itself doesn’t conform to these ridiculous ideas…  

And you are right… because it is impossible to take all reality and make it conform to an idea. You cannot draw a box bigger than he universe. A knife cannot cut itself; an eye cannot see itself; a tongue cannot taste itself…  

And so then, even the skeptic must admit, they cannot do any better, all they can do is use a blanck measuring stick to measure itself, and whatever value they find is an arbitrary decision on their part to put value on one set of numbers over any other, calling that the truth. Creating inches, or milimeters based on nothing more than the arbitrary choice to call a length one word over another.
They are the boxes of ideas and ideals that we can distinguish as being different from one another. But they are empty. They contain nothing. Instead we look upon the material chaos around us, and our minds see patterns of energy that match the ideas and ideals of the spirit world and we synthetize the two together to form one whole delusion. A grand mortal dream of time, space, self and other…
But let me remind you…  

If we accept, even as a placeholder, the idea of the big bang, then once, a very very long time ago, we were all one united point of infinite density… A singularity. We are all the same source; we are all the big bang banging.  

And so even the skeptic can be shown that it is a simple matter of identification of self.  
YOU are the universe; you are the big bang. It is a DELUSION to see yourself any other way! 

What you do with it beyond that is your call, and that is exactly what a god would do…

Decide for itself what that means and act accordingly. Only a mortal feels helpless. Only a slave accepts they have no choice.  

And you are only a slave if you think you are your mortal coil.  

If you know that you are the universe, that you are causality itself, then you understand that your local identity is just that. A piece of the grand scheme that you identify as yourself, and one day, that little blob of blood and guts will turn to dust…  
You will remain, but that body will be gone. Your identity will remain, but you will no longer identify with it.  

What you are will go on… forever. The alpha… the Omega… 

And it is the cosmic rebel that reminds us of the potential of knowing that to be true while still alive.  

Being a chosen of Lucifer then is not about being an Antichrist, it’s not about the dogma of religion. Or even social liberation or godlike power. It is about rebelling against all that makes you forget what you already are.  

 It is not about becoming a god.  

It is about BEING the god that you already are.  

It is about being causality. Not being at its mercy.  

It is about never submitting... 

Meditate on this…