The following links will take you to various groups, YouTube channels, and other sources that are partners with or affiliated with MIND THE SHADOWS, or D.H. THORNE.
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DARK SORCERY specializes in instruction in the dark arts and is one that I help out as an administrator. Alfredo Martinez has a dedication to his vision that is admirable, and it is an honor to be on the team. Check out this group for great content! Also check out the Dark Sorcery Instagram page!                           
My own personal FB group, with a focus on my own content, but open to discussion of any and all spiritual and mystical topics. 
A group run by one of the LEGENDS of the modern magickal path, S. Ben  Qayin. 
Regular uploads, frequent live streams, if you are subscribed to D.H. Thorne, you will probably want to subscribe to this channel too, I do frequent collaborations with Dark Sorcery, and the Dark Sorcery channel. 
Kari Darkstar is a fellow Admin of Dark Sorcery, and a very devoted and sincere practitioner. She has deep connections to the same spirits I do, and she calls them the Ancients, because she knows as I do, the true origin of many of these beings, and shares a similar mission. She uploads very regularly!
S. Ben Qayin's personal YouTube channel, I occasionally collaborate with him and he has very interesting live streams in the video archives.
Magickology is run by a brilliant young mage who has a professional focus on psychology. His work is refreshing and rational, and we concur on many of the more cerebral and rational aspects of the practice of magick. Magickology is also a fellow author and has a unique focus and perspective on the Simon Necronomicon that has inspired several of his books.
I have a special appreciation for Lord Josh Allens work, he is a westerner, who has devoted himself to Chinese Taoist weather magick, as well as the occult. He specializes in influencing the weather and has many videos documenting his work and explaining the nature of Chinese magick. Josh is a fellow eccentric and a real Lord and a true Gentleman.
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