D.H. Thorne is offering the following services:
D.H. Thorne will meet with you for an hour-long digital consultation via one of several Video Chat services, including Skype, Facebook messenger, and more. During this consultation, all areas of life, magick and mysticism are on the table for discussion. Many people come to Thorne for everything from magickal instruction, to advice and divinatory readings, and life coaching of a mystical sort.  
Most ritual work will require an initial consultation (included in the ritual pricing), as Thorne will not do ANY sort of ritual work without first getting a good feel for the energy and character of the client. Magick is NOT a vending machine, just because you paid your money, doesn’t mean you will get your heart’s desire. The universe has currents, and not all things are possible. Allow Thorne to investigate this for you, and if over the course of this consultation, ritual work might be of benefit, then this will be offered.  
The price for this service is 50$ per hour, contact D.H. Thorne via his email address, or by sending him a private message on Facebook to arrange for payment and scheduling.

If you use the paypal link, make sure you put a note into the transaction with your email address or contact information.
Ritual services, particularly those based on Demon Sorcery, should be treated like hiring a specialist like a lawyer, or a doctor. There are NO guarantees, and no services will be conducted without first completing an initial consultation with D.H. Thorne. This consultation evaluates you, your need, spiritual circumstances, and his own chemistry with you. Once this initial consultation is completed, if a ritual working is deemed a suitable option, it will be offered, and a price will be quoted to you depending on complexity and required materials.  
Not everyone needs ritual work! D.H. Thorne will explore all of your options with you and find the most efficient and practical solution to your concerns. Sometimes all that is required is a little instruction on how to do magick for oneself.  
With few exceptions, ALL rituals will be performed in front of a Camera, with minimal editing and will be a live recording of a REAL, sincerer, and Valid magickal working. You will be given a link to a private (unlisted) copy of the ritual on Youtube, and you may watch and rewatch it at your leisure.  
The price of ritual work varies depending on the nature of the work. Most simple pacts and rituals start at 75$ (in addition to the initial consultation fee). And range up to as much as 200$ for complex rituals, or rituals with expensive ingredients.

Ritual work that results in a physical product to be shipped to the client, will also include cost of the products materials, and require the client be in the continental US for shipping purposes, and will be required to pay shipping in handling in addition to the ritual fee if in excess of 10$.  

If you use the paypal link, make sure you put a note into the transaction with your email address or contact information.

Ritual Services FAQ and Disclaimer:
Q: How does this work? Don’t you need to be with me in person?  
A: These ritual videos are designed to be digital Sigils which are activated by YOU and your attention. These rituals are performed in such a way that when you witness them and follow any additional instructions given to you. You will be activating the intention stored in the creation of the video.  
Any pacts made with any spirits will be put into effect, and any energy will be released to do its work.  
Q: Do you have any examples of your work? 
A: YES: Please follow the following links to the right of this text:
Q: What if I don’t get a result? 
A: D.H. Thorne will happily follow up with you to verify the results of the ritual and potentially rectify any issues that are within his power to fix. However: This process must be given ample time, Magick can sometimes work right away, and sometimes it can take a long time.  
You must not have attachment to the results! But you must also do the mundane parts yourself. For example, If Thorne makes a pact on your behalf for a new job for a lot more money, you will still need to go job hunting. You must create as many opportunities in your life for magick to find a path to giving you what you want.  
Magick is a service, not a product, much like a doctor, or lawyer, Magickal services are not guaranteed. Too many factors can influence the flow of events, and magickal manifestation can be subtle and take time to resolve themselves. D.H. Thorne only guarantees the quality of his work and the performance of the ritual itself to be of the highest caliber. He holds himself to a very high standard, and he is SELECTIVE about who he will do ritual services for, and this helps ensure a higher probability of success.  
Do not trust a mage who doesn’t know how to say “NO!” and happily takes your money without any consults or considerations for your personal situation and needs.  
Mentorship Program: (COMING SOON)
For a limited time, D.H. Thorne will be offering a fantastic opportunity to a limited number of people. For the unusual price of 75$ per month, D.H. Thorne will accept you as a distant learner, and become your mentor in magick, and spirituality.  
For that commitment, D.H. Thorne will schedule THREE 45-minute consult and teaching sessions with you per month (one session per week), with one free postponement session if you need to reschedule. This program is personalized and structured to teach you D.H. Thornes unique mix of Magick and Demon sorcery, Mysticism and philosophy, and will be based heavily on his books. This is a great way to get the most out of Become the Maelstrom, and Shadownomicon. If you wish to be mentored in other areas, that can also be arranged, please inquire before committing to the service.  
This service will be offered through Patreon’s Patron system to help organize and keep track of people who sign up for this, so that payments are automatic. Mentorship services will begin AFTER the first payment has posted (the 1st of the month AFTER you sign up). Before that D.H. Thorne will conduct a preliminary Chat interview via text messenger services (Email, Patreon, or Facebook), and if you are accepted, then a schedule will be drafted.  
Act FAST because there are a limited number of openings, AND the 75$ per month price is subject to change after this initial trial run.